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World Challenge


World Challenge had an existing store. However, they were facing many issues with integrating with their other third party systems like CounterPoint and Raisers Edge. This integration was critical and very important to improve the user experience so that customers could have one login for both Magento and Raisers Edge. In addition, once an order was placed, it would need to flow into their Point of Sale System, CounterPoint.


First, we created the World Challenge eCommerce store using the Ultimo theme with a child theme configuration to match their existing website. Once this was developed, we worked on CPMagento integration for CounterPoint and Blackbaud’s Raisers Edge. In order to create a single sign-on between Magento and Raisers Edge, and Raisers Edge to Magento, we needed to create and customize several components. We did this in two steps. First, we developed the inbound/outbound single sign-on solution to allow automatic login to Magento from a 3rd party membership website (Raisers Edge) as well as creation of outbound SSO links which allowed Magento users to log into the 3rd party membership website (Raisers Edge). Second, we had to build a customer import. This allowed World Challenge to import customers from the 3rd party membership website (Raisers Edge) into Magento through an automated process. The main challenge was taking a limited scope API that allowed a 3rd party website (Raisers Edge) visitor to log in to Magento automatically. This involved multiple steps that included building a custom script to import thousands of existing customers from that website so we can detect their entry into the World Challenge Magento store. We then had to make sure only authorized users who came from that website could automatically log into Magento.

The API provided a general outline on how to do this, but we had to build custom functions in order to bring Magento and their Raisers Edge API together, while making sure we could continually automate the process of adding new customers who joined that 3rd party website (Raisers Edge). This custom work was important for World Challenge because it made it easier for people to donate and sign on more smoothly while allowing them to have one login. This streamlined process has already resulted in increased conversions.


CounterPoint POS Integration Utilizing the CPMagento Integration from Center Stage
Ultimo Theme – Customized Child Theme to Match existing website
Amasty SMTP Email Settings
Amasty Customer Attributes
Single Sign-on Between Magento and Blackbauds third-party system Raisers Edge