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Madame Alexander


Madame Alexander already had a Magento Enterprise website, but they needed an updated look and improved checkout experience. Because they have such a large inventory and variety of dolls, they also wanted a new way to showcase their products with a mega drop-down navigation.

Madame Alexander wanted a website that represented all three of their main groups: Baby, Play, and Collections. This represents three different markets, each with an entirely different customer base. For example, Collections are for higher end dolls that retain their value over time. Madame Alexander’s goal was to maintain their strong Collections following, while also building their Baby and Play markets to attract new clients. With this fresh and modern look, Madame Alexander aimed to balance both their adult and child audiences.


We designed a completely new look for Madame Alexander’s home page, showcasing their featured categories and telling their unique story. Large images in the slideshow promote the different aspects of Madame Alexander’s product line (including its most popular dolls), and content from their blog is used to explain the rich history of their company. Friendly shades of pink and playful ribbons draw the customer’s eye while also expressing their brand and image. We also installed a new mega drop-down navigation for improved navigation throughout the site. Because this mega drop-down is fully customizable, Madame Alexander can feature popular dolls or collections in the drop-down along with the list of sub-categories. The mega drop-down is also usable on mobile devices.

As conversions were considered an ongoing issue for Madame Alexander, we installed Awesome Checkout. Awesome Checkout helped to improve user experience, as well as help shoppers quickly navigate through their checkout process. We styled Awesome Checkout to integrate with Madame Alexander’s existing look for a seamless user experience. Ever since this new checkout system was installed, there has been a noted improvement in customer conversions.


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