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All3sports already had a successful online store, but it was extremely dated in terms of both appearance and functionality. All3sports needed a new design that looked modern and would appeal to their knowledgeable customer base. They wanted to make their website easily accessible from any browser on every device, and they wanted an appealing way to showcase their superb selections of products. All3sports also wanted to establish themselves as a great source of information and expertise within the tri-athlete community. They had already done an excellent job managing their blog and social media, but needed a better way to integrate these elements into their Magento website.

All3sports wanted to improve the overall user experience and searchability of their products. They had just started using a new Point of Sale System, CounterPoint, and wanted to create a more seamless integration with their backend offices and inventory. Their inventory needed to be updated every 5 minutes and pull all of their content, inventory, product images, and attributes. One of their biggest concerns was that there were a number of issues with stock status not updating properly, search results not displaying the right information, and customers not being allowed to filter by unique attributes like color, price, brand, etc. They also wanted to offer a full integration with their All3Sports Rewards program, so that their physical and online store systems would work together through CounterPoint.

Finally, they needed their company gift cards to work both online and in the store. This feature was important for their business and was not fully integrated in one system initially.


We designed and built a new custom Magento website for All3sports utilizing the Ultimo theme with a child theme configuration. Their old website was very dark, and its black background didn’t compliment its products and features. We brightened up their appearance with a fresh design that featured a bright white background, vivid (yet limited) colors, and large high-quality photographs. We integrated the All3sports blog seamlessly into their Magento Website using the Fish Pig WordPress Integration, including excerpts from their home page. The home page features a full width image slider, featured products, a brands slider, and a unique showcase of the most popular product categories.

All of the products, product categories, attributes, product images, product descriptions, and inventory sync every 5 minutes with their Point of Sale System CounterPoint. This integration allows for a seamless integration with their backend offices. Products are updated or taken out of stock automatically without having to manually make changes in more than place. This makes it easier for the All3Sports staff to manage their products and the overall sales flow. With the Amasty Custom Stock Status Extension, we were able to create custom stock statuses that are updated by CounterPoint. Another great Amasty extension we utilized was for swatches. CounterPoint imports the data for the swatches to pull from the product image instead of creating hundreds of swatch colors. This allows the customer to see a more realistic view of the colors and gives the All3sports staff less work to do updating swatches! A great example of this is the Yankz! Sure Lace System which has 12 swatch colors.

In utilizing both Amasty’s Advanced Filtering Option and The Mirasvit Sphinx Ultimate Search, the new website allows customers to customize their search results and filter by color, brand, price and category. These extensions utilize autocomplete to guess the desired search term, help the customer spell, and offer multiple results for content, blog posts and products. All3sports’ search is now robust and helpful to all customers.

A mega drop-down menu makes it easy to navigate through All3sports’ large inventory, and it was condensed to ensure that mobile users are still able to access it without difficulty. Awesome Checkout was installed to help improve the user experience and ensure shoppers can quickly navigate through checkout process. We styled Awesome Checkout to integrate with All3sports’ existing look for a seamless user experience.

Sweet Tooth rewards was used to create a rewards program for the online buyers. This data filtered down into CounterPoint so that the retail store and online store would both update the customers dashboard with their rewards information.

Finally, we used the Magestore gift card to import active gift cards so they can be used online and in the store. This also allows customers to purchase new gift cards, or redeem existing gift cards, from the retail store.


CounterPoint POS Integration Utilizing the CPMagento Integration from Center Stage
Ultimo Theme – Customized Child Theme
Awesome Checkout
Sweet Tooth Rewards Integration
Mageworx Instant Cart
Mageworx Extended Orders
Mageworx Advanced SEO Extension
Amasty Custom Stock Status
Amasty Color Swatches
Amasty Advanced Filtering Option
Mirasvit Sphinx Ultimate Search
Magestore Gift Cards
Aheadworks Follow Up Emails
Promotional Pop Ups
Size Chart functionality




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