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Hourly Support

Hourly support for bug fixes and routine updates.

Is your Magento Store in need of Expert Magento Developers?

Along with our Ongoing Support Packages, Shero also offers hourly support for Magento Stores requiring routine maintenance or minor bug or code fixes. Blocks of time can be purchased without any ongoing commitment. Hourly support can be purchased in increments of 10 hours, at our regular price of $150/hour. For all first time customers there will be a $500 set up fee in order to give us time to do the preliminary groundwork prior to beginning addressing requests on your website. This is a one time fee.

Additional Info

Why should you chose one of our Hourly Support Packages?

  • While you’re running your website, you may need a small fix that only needs a one time adjustment. Instead of committing to a six month, or year long contract, you can purchase one block of ten hours to address all of your website needs.
  • Your website is your pride and joy, and ensuring its care and wellbeing to a developer you’ve just met can be nerve wracking. By choosing our Hourly Support Package you can see how we work and operate, familiarize yourself with our team and methods, and decide if we’re the right fit for your on-going maintenance needs.
  • Spend your time however fast, or long, as you need. Your hours never expire. If you purchase your block of hours, then you can extend it until they’re complete. No need to concern yourself with payment installations, it’s a one time price for that set of time and it lasts until your time is up.

Emergency Room

It’s Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. When you least expect it, something comes up, and you need help fast. With a one time purchase of our Hourly Support Packages you can address all of your website needs and fix any hacking, coding, or other discrepancy that you need corrected.

How It Works

Our Hourly Support Packages consists of a prepaid block of hours that are considered work for hire. We will not touch, adjust, or modify your website in any way, unless you specify how your website should be altered or reviewed. Once your time is up, you can choose to either purchase an additional block of hours, or join one of our maintenance plans. If you haven’t utilized all of your hours, they will continue to roll over until the end of the year. We will send you a monthly report of how the hours were used and how many hours you have remaining.

At any time you can upgrade to one of our Monthly Maintenance Plans. Monthly Maintenance Plans require a minimum of six months commitment. You can choose whether to prepay the entire contract in advance, or you pay month to month. We also offer additional discounts for those interested in committing for a full year. Please visit our Monthly Maintenance Plan webpage for more information.

What If Shero Didn’t Develop My Magento Website?

We welcome new clients who already have an existing Magento website. Additional time may be required to understand exactly how your website was built, in order to address any and all issues that you may have with it. We will let you know up front what the time requirements will be to address your website concerns.

Recommendations from our clients are available at anytime, so you can feel comfortable trusting us with your site.

Why Shero?

At Shero, we believe in offering the best, and most personal, service possible. Based in Poughkeepsie, New York, all of our employees work in tandem with each other. Our highly-qualified team is ready to handle every aspect of your Magento design, development, and maintenance. Our team has produced, and maintained Magento and WordPress websites of all different sizes at a very competitive rate, with exceptional customer reviews. We familiarize ourselves with your project, and your needs, to give you the finest quality work you deserve.