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5 Best Free Local Business Directories To Get More Customers and Website Traffic

April 22, 2013 seminar-seo

A number of new clients have recently asked us whether it is beneficial to submit a website into as many online directories as possible. For some people directory submission is imperative. For instance, one time a prospective client was promised by someone that his website would be submitted to a 1000 different directories and needed us to match that or no go. You may ask how is that possible, how long will it take, and how much will it cost… Read More »

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How To Get Your Business Noticed On The Internet

April 11, 2013 get-noticed-internet

With the introduction of the internet, and especially the number of blogs nowadays, many of the businesses out there are looking for new ways to get their audience’s attention. Quite often clients ask us how can you get more visitors to your website with minimal work done? Answering that question is not easy. In order to get your business noticed you generally need to spend  a considerable amount of time and money. Yet,  if you don’t have a big budget… Read More »

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Why Use Testimonials?

February 20, 2013 why we use testimonials

What do clients who you’ve done business with or purchased and used your product or service think about it? Showing or collecting a client’s opinion and feedback is one of the most fundamental tasks a website needs to accomplish. Through the use of testimonials on a website, whether they are reviews or comments from your satisfied customers, in text, audio or video format, not only you are overcoming a buyer’s skepticism, but you’re also transforming your sales pitch into a… Read More »

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Why Cheap Online Site Builders Are Not Worth It

February 4, 2013 Cheap Site Builders

Online site builders are certainly appealing for a number of reasons. They are incredibly cheap and advertise themselves as being easy to use. They say you can build a website yourself, with no web knowledge, in a matter of minutes. In our experience, most businesses looking for a website are looking for a few important things. They want their website to look good, they want users to find them along with all the information that they need, and most importantly they… Read More »

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How to Choose Web Design Companies, Platforms, Products, and Services

January 22, 2013 Web Design Services

As stated in the title, this post covers all the different brands and products used today in web design. There is no argument to be made through it. It is rather a list that’s meant to be informative to those that are in the process of getting a website developed or want to know more about available options and taking their website to the next step towards the first page on Google and better conversion rates. Below you will find… Read More »

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Hiring an Overseas Web Designer or a US-Based Web Designer?

November 6, 2012 WEB DESIGN COST

Has a well-meaning colleague ever said, “Hey, I know a web designer in India/the Philippines/China that can make your new website cheaply!” If your company is located in the United States, it is tempting to get bids from foreign contractors located in third world countries. You might seem to save money on the surface, but are your going to end up regretting it? Before looking for overseas bids, consider these issues. Tax Law Problems When you hire a US-based independent… Read More »

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Choosing a Single Web Developer vs. a Web Design Company?

October 26, 2012 seminar-web-design

When your website needs to be built or upgraded, you may be required to choose between a single web developer or a larger web design company. After talking to a number of vendors or issuing a project specific RFP, different proposals in size and price pour in. The responses to the RFP can come from anyone who believes is capable of doing the job, and this can include a single web developer or a full service web design company. Since these proposals… Read More »

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Human Threats And How To Secure Your Site Against Them – Part III

October 5, 2012 threats-3

Welcome back. Last time we talked about the second of three kinds of human threat to your web site and web-based business: the revenge-obsessed ex-employee Now we will be dealing with… THREAT #3 – THE COMPLETE IDIOT This is the threat that should be guarded against the most, and is guarded against the least. Indeed, pretty much the whole reason Threats #1 and #2 succeed are because #3 unwittingly gives them access. Now granted, a complete idiot isn’t always going… Read More »

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Five Things To Have Before Approaching A WordPress Web Designer

September 27, 2012 wp-design

Let me just say right out of the gate that I don’t mean to put anyone specific down, but there are things that a web designer’s clients just neglect when they ask a web designer to get a job done. Here’s a list of some things you should have when dealing with a WordPress web designer that’s supposed to built or maintain your website – 1) A realistic vision (and budget) for your site I don’t mean to burst anyone’s… Read More »

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Ecommerce Websites and Social Media: 4 Tips

September 20, 2012 social

For anyone who runs an eCommerce business, including myself, it is likely that your customers are active on social media sites, regardless of their demographics. No matter their gender, age, or income, they are probably pinning on Pinterest, sharing photos on Facebook, and tweeting on Twitter. According to a 2012 survey by Pingdom (a social media monitoring site): The proportion of females and males using social networking sites matches the natural proportion (51% / 49%); therefore, overall usage does not… Read More »

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