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How to Use Scrolling to Your Advantage in eCommerce

November 25, 2015 above-the-fold-fi

One of the most common concerns we hear when building an eCommerce website, is that our clients want as much information as possible “above the fold”. In most websites, the “fold” tends to be the top 550px of the page, varying on theme or style. While the fold is still important to engage users, it is not the end all of the design user experience. Many businesses want to avoid scrolling through a web page to find what they’re looking Read More »

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November Newsletter 2015

November 25, 2015 nov-2015-fi

  As Thanksgiving day approaches, and the holidays draw near, we take time to appreciate, working with you this year. As a friend, client, or partner, you’ve surely helped us grow. We couldn’t be more thankful, and we wanted you to know! We are closed Thursday & Friday of this week. If you have an emergency please send a ticket to support@sherodesigns.com. Some of our team will be on call in case you need assistance on Black Friday. What You Read More »

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What You Need to Know About Magento’s Newest Security Patch: SUPEE-6788

November 16, 2015 magento-security-patch-fi

On October 27, 2015, Magento released a patch, SUPEE-6788, which addresses protection against security related issues such as information leaks and remote code execution. These types of threads can compromise a site in many ways such as potentially having malware scripts running on your server or having sensitive information stolen. This patch allows Magento store owners to protect against these security compromises but, unlike most patches, it can be tricky to implement. There are a few things you need to Read More »

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Three Alternative Magento Small Business Options

November 2, 2015 magento-small-business-options-fi

Magento is known for being one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in today’s industry. The following three eCommerce solutions, Nucleus Commerce, Pixafy, and LaunchPad that are built on top of Magento with features not included out-of-the-box from Magento. What is Nucleus Commerce? Nucleus Commerce is a site accelerator solution specially designed for merchants so that it can be used on top of certain Magento releases, including Magento Community 1.9.1, Magento Enterprise 1.14.1 and above. Nucleus Commerce is a scalable, Read More »

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October Newsletter 2015

October 29, 2015 oct-2015-fi

Happy Halloween   Magento has just released SUPEE-6788, a high-priority Security patch. It’s strongly recommended to update your Magento installation immediately.  This patch is different from other patches released earlier this year. Because the patch fixes more than ten security issues, it requires more than a simple SSH command to install and most likely it will break one or more extensions installed on your website. While improving Magento’s security, the patch partially changes the structure of the CMS and hence the impact Read More »

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Administrative Features of Magento Enterprise – 101

October 21, 2015 admin-config-fi

Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce platform solution that offers merchants complete control and flexibility over your online store. Magento Enterprise Edition provides a faster, better shopping experience which can drive conversion rates and sales and save costs. It helps your store grown online revenue with tools to attract more traffic and retain customers. Using the following tools included in Magento Enterprise Edition, you can take your store to the next level! Rewards Points Enables merchants to implement programs that provide Read More »

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Commission Junction – How To Get It To Work On Magento

October 14, 2015 commission-junction-fi

Affiliate Marketing typically involves a company promoting another company’s product and earning a commission.  It is a type of performance-based marketing using a network of businesses that is rewarded based on the promotion of another business’s product. The benefits of affiliate marketing include having relationships between three parties: the advertiser, the publisher, and the consumer. We recently had the opportunity to work with Commission Junction, an affiliate network that began in 1998.  Our client wanted Commission Junction integrated into their Magento Read More »

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2015 Holiday Season – 6 Ways to Prepare Your Online Store

October 7, 2015 2015-holiday-season-fi

The highest point every year for online shopping is during the holiday season. The holiday season is a great time for strengthening your online presence and engaging your online audience. It is important to make sure you and your business are prepared for the holidays. 1) Create a holiday atmosphere Creating a holiday atmosphere on your website can immediately get your visitors interested. A few ways to do achieve a holiday atmosphere is by changing your store’s design theme using Read More »

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September Newsletter 2015

September 30, 2015 sept-2015-fi

As we transition into the fall season, the anticipation for Magento 2 is climbing. While the official release date is still undisclosed, Magento is aiming for Q4 2015. If you can not wait for the Magento 2 release you can download a beta version called Magento 2 Merchant Beta on Github here. In the meantime, our team has been taking courses and studying hard to become Magento 2 certified. We have also been writing a lot about Magento 2. Here Read More »

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Magento 2 Theming

September 30, 2015 magento2-theming-fi

Compared to its predecessor, Magento 1.x, Magento 2 comes with a changed and improved frontend approach. There are important improvements and changes to the file structure as well as Magento 2 introduces a brand new UI library heavily based on a LESS preprocessor with a built in compiler. Updated technology Magento 2 features an updated technology stack, including HTML5, CSS3 and the latest versions of PHP. Having these new technologies offers developers a better starting point for their Magento implementation. Read More »

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