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September Newsletter 2015

September 30, 2015 sept-2015-fi

As we transition into the fall season, the anticipation for Magento 2 is climbing. While the official release date is still undisclosed, Magento is aiming for Q4 2015. If you can not wait for the Magento 2 release you can download a beta version called Magento 2 Merchant Beta on Github here. In the meantime, our team has been taking courses and studying hard to become Magento 2 certified. We have also been writing a lot about Magento 2. Here Read More »

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Magento 2 Theming

September 30, 2015 magento2-theming-fi

Compared to its predecessor, Magento 1.x, Magento 2 comes with a changed and improved frontend approach. There are important improvements and changes to the file structure as well as Magento 2 introduces a brand new UI library heavily based on a LESS preprocessor with a built in compiler. Updated technology Magento 2 features an updated technology stack, including HTML5, CSS3 and the latest versions of PHP. Having these new technologies offers developers a better starting point for their Magento implementation. Read More »

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Blue Cherry EDI Integration With Magento for Partial Payments

September 24, 2015 bluecherry-magento-fi

Blue Cherry Integration With Magento Magento is a powerful eCommerce tool that can handle almost any request that a business may have for their online store. With that said, certain advanced functions require customizations or third party integrations that solve very specific problems. On a recent project, we needed a solution that would automate business transactions including inventory and payment capture, and the only way to do this was to use EDI files. What Is EDI? EDI stands for Electronic Read More »

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Magento 2 Admin Panel Improvements

September 17, 2015 magento-2-admin-fi

With Magento 2 scheduled for Q4 release, developers are abuzz with what’s to come with it.  But what about store owners who are looking to upgrade to 2.0 when it’s released? Thankfully, the Magento 2 dashboard is leagues above the one that is featured in Magento 1.9. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, it is a lot cleaner, and less cluttered.  The admin panel utilizes less colors, drawing attention only to where it’s needed.  Upon first logging in, the same information Read More »

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Email Marketing – Single vs Double Opt-In?

September 11, 2015 single-double-optin-fi

Before you launch your first email marketing campaign, you will need to decide if you want your email list to use single opt-in or double opt-in when signing up. In order to know which one to use, you will need to understand the differences and pros and cons to each. What is a Single Opt-in Email Sign-up? Single opt-in is referring to the process when a new user is automatically added to a newsletter or marketing list by submitting their Read More »

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How to Promote Your Online Store Through Snapchat

September 8, 2015 snapchat-fi

You either like Snapchat or you hate it. Snapchat isn’t for everyone and it certainly isn’t the next big social network for businesses but it can be one of the most effective ways to build and establish relationships with customers. Snapchat has grown into a way to broadcast your messages to groups of people without overwhelming their inboxes. Snapchat is easily separated from other big social networks because it can capture someone’s attention. On Twitter and Facebook, there is so Read More »

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Five Checkout Improvements in Magento 2.0

September 1, 2015 magento2-checkout-fi

If you haven’t read about Magento 2 yet, you should know that it comes equipped with a lot of new eCommerce features and improvements. Since the checkout is one of the most crucial aspects of an eCommerce store, the checkout process in Magento 2 has been designed for more conversions and a better user experience. Instead of an accordion layout that’s used in older versions of Magento, the steps are now located across the top. The overall design is much Read More »

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August Newsletter 2015

August 28, 2015 august-2015-newyork-skyline-fi

Meet Magento NY is coming up from September 21st to September 22nd 2015 in New York City. Come meet us at the conference, interact with industry professionals, and learn more about the exciting new ideas generating in the Magento industry. You can learn more at http://ny.meet-magento.com. Use the discount code below when you buy your tickets, and you’ll get an additional 20% discount! MEETSHERO20   We are also very excited to announce our interview with MageTalk. Learn more about us by listening to Read More »

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2015 Holiday Season – 6 Ways to Prepare Your Online Store

August 26, 2015 2015-holiday-season-fi

The highest point every year for online shopping is during the holiday season. The holiday season is a great time for strengthening your online presence and engaging your online audience. It is important to make sure you and your business are prepared for the holidays. 1) Create a holiday atmosphere Creating a holiday atmosphere on your website can immediately get your visitors interested. A few ways to do achieve a holiday atmosphere is by changing your store’s design theme using Read More »

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Why Use Google Merchant for Your Magento Store

August 17, 2015 google-shopping-feeds-magento-fi

With its large size and popularity, Google is one of the top search engines merchants are most concerned with.  Whether it’s SEO or analytics, chances are, a Google product or service is being utilized in the clamor to get clicks and generate revenue.  Although Google Analytics is integrated into Magento out of the box, other products, such as Google Merchant products, are not. What are the benefits of using Google’s Merchant Services? If you have a Google Merchant account and Read More »

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