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July Newsletter 2015

July 30, 2015 july-2015-fi

This week a lot of webmasters have received this message letting them know that their website’s JavaScript and CSS files can not be read from the Googlebot. Many years ago, Google would fetch just the HTML from a website and ignore styling and JavaScript. Nowadays, Google fetches everything and renders your pages completely. So, denying Google access to CSS or JavaScript files makes Google unhappy. Technically these files are not supposed to be blocked from search engines and Google is Read More »

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Four Noticeable Improvements in Magento 2.0

July 29, 2015 magento2-fi

In the Magento world everyone is eagerly anticipating the release of  Magento 2.0 in the fall of 2015 (hopefully). But what is new new or different in Magento 2.0? 1) Speed One of the first changes that seems to be apparent through our testing and working with Magento 2.0 is that the front-end is lightning fast. There doesn’t appear to be much lag or time between page loads. Although I didn’t set up actual speed tests, I can honestly say Read More »

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How Can Instagram Help your Magento eCommerce Business?

July 27, 2015 instagram-ecommerce-fi

Instagram is a powerful social network. There are over 300 million active users, and 59% of US adults use Instagram daily. It’s much more complex than pictures of your friend’s lunch and selfies. If used correctly, it’s actually a huge marketing opportunity for your eCommerce site. Instagram wasn’t designed for businesses, but there are ways to boost traffic and sales on your site just by using this app. It’s all about engaging with your customers on a personal level. Nike Read More »

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Pitney Bowes International Shipping For Magento

July 22, 2015 pitney-bowes-fi

Shipping for an eCommerce store can not only be a headache, it can be costly and time consuming as well. When you start expanding the idea of shipping from a national level to an international level – it only becomes more convoluted. Traditionally, small businesses will not even bother with international shipping. It’s too complicated, and the shipping and handling fees are too exorbitant. Taxes are levied on both sides, and setting up an international shipping method incurs the additional cost Read More »

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A/B Testing on Magento

July 20, 2015 a-b-testing-fi

A/B Testing is a term that you might have heard being thrown around, especially when it comes to e-commerce. A/B testing is a way to experiment on end users with your website. It can essentially be seen as changing the way a website looks and operates and seeing how it affects its users. A/B Testing can be extremely helpful for your business.  It gives you the ability to research your existing customers in a subtle way.  The results you gather Read More »

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Magento Multi Store Websites II – Handling & Configuring Unique Themes

July 10, 2015 multi-store-2-fi

In the first Magento Tutorial part of this series, you learned how to set up a multi site store. At this point, it is important to set up custom child themes so each store can be represented with its own design and front end functionality. In order to set this up properly, you need to visit the admin and choose the appropriate store view. See the screenshot below: Once you select your store view, you want to visit Configuration –> Read More »

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Magento Subscription Services: Subscribe Pro Review

July 7, 2015 subscribepro-fi

Running subscriptions in Magento can be tricky and requires a great deal of research in order to set up a proper subscription revenue stream within this platform. While the concept seems simple enough, it is easy to get put in a position where without proper planning you find that you are spending more time and money diagnosing bugs than to have the system set up in the first place. A great subscription platform, more than anything, has to be reliable Read More »

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Top 7 Design Failures That Are Hurting Sales on Your Online Store

July 2, 2015 top-7-failures-fi

No Responsive Design It’s 2015, your eCommerce website should be responsive. Everyone’s carrying around a mini computer in their pocket or purse. You’re missing out on sales by having a website that’s optimized only for desktop. Yes, customers can still view your website on their mobile device, but it will certainly not be easy for them. Customers won’t be able to browse through products comfortably if they have to constantly zoom in and out. Your content needs to adjust and Read More »

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June Newsletter 2015

June 30, 2015 4th-of-july-newsletter-fi

We will be closed Friday, July 3rd. If there’s an emergency please contact support@sherodesigns.com. Someone will get back to you.   8 Design Elements That Can Ruin Conversion To improve user experience and maximize sales online merchants add lots of functionality and useful content about their products and other elements pertaining to their website. But going overboard with these elements can cause problems with conversion. The following elements can ruin the conversion rate.. Read More Magento Product Quick View Feature Read More »

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