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Graphic Design and Web Design – what’s the difference?

December 27, 2012 Graphic vs Web Design

I heard once that the difference between art and design is that art says “look at me” and design says “look at this”. If this is the case, then one can argue that web design says “Look at this! and this! Clock on this! Read this! explore this! Stay here for a while, learn, and enjoy the experience!” In other words, there is a complicated art and science involved with creating a successful web design that says much more than Read More »

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Increasing Sales With Magento Multiple Coupons at Checkout

December 25, 2012 Magento Multiple Coupon Checkout

One thing all Magento store owners need to take advantage of, as with any other commerce website, is the ability to serve coupons for their customers. By offering coupons you can provide more incentive for people to shop with you by providing special offers such as 10% off one product line or a specific discount on a product bundle. This functionality comes shipped with Magento by using what are known as Price Rules. Price rules allow you to specify an Read More »

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Seasons Greetings From Shero Designs

December 24, 2012 Snowflake

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year from All of Us! – Beth, Gentian, Caitlin and Joel  

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Featured Magento eCommerce Website – Tom’s Shoes & Eyewear

December 20, 2012 Tom's Shoes Magento Website

This week’s featured Magento website is Tom’s Shoes & Eyewear. This website is proof that you can keep it simple while having style. If you are looking to have a new Magento website developed, or hoping to modify your existing one, pay close attention to the following things: Simple Layout Without Compromising Style This website offers the standard ‘structure’ that most Magento websites use; Slider on the homepage, top pull down navigation, footer blocks at the bottom and left navigation Read More »

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Hudson Valley, NY Web Design Companies

December 19, 2012 Hudson.Valley.Web.Design.Companies

When it comes to choosing a web designer or a web design company in the Hudson Valley region of New York, there are dozens of options. Your choices will range from the freelance designers to the larger firm. It is important to understand what you are looking for and what your business needs when deciding who to do business with. Some questions to consider prior to talking to any of the Hudson Valley web design companies listed below are: Are Read More »

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Magento Developer – What To Look For When Hiring Someone

December 14, 2012 Magento Developer

When searching for a Magento Developer, it is important to make sure they can perform certain tasks comfortably before committing to them. The most important things that you need to know first hand are their portfolio and references of past clients. If past clients say positive comments, you’ll be happy too in the future. Besides that, there are some technical aspects as well. You may be wondering how you can determine if somebody has the technical skills to work on Read More »

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WordPress vs. Adobe Business Catalyst

December 13, 2012 Wordpress vs Adobe Business Catalyst

I started looking into the topic of WordPress vs. Adobe Business Catalyst by asking some simple questions. What’s so great about WordPress? About Adobe Business Catalyst? What’s the big buzz about them and how do they compare to each other? After digging through endless pages on the topics, here ‘s what I learnt. First, web designers and programmers are very opinionated people. They like what they like and they hate what they hate – and most of them like WordPress. Read More »

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Magento Optimization Quick Tips for Faster Load Speed

December 7, 2012 Magento Optimization Tips

One of the most difficult things to do with a Magento site is to make it load faster. Due to the complex nature of how the Magento system works, even if you have a low graphics home page theme you will find that it will take 3-4 seconds for a standard category page to load. Should you load your theme up with heavy graphics usage, that load time can increase to 5-10 seconds. Here are some tips we recommend to Read More »

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Magento – How To Improve Shopping Cart Abandonment Ratio

November 30, 2012 magento-cart-abandonment

One of the most important aspects of owning an e-commerce website is understanding metrics and how they relate to the overall profitability of your website. One of the great things about Magento is that you can simplify the process of displaying products and take orders automatically without having to have a technical background or invest a lot of money when launching a website. Unfortunately, many web site owners are satisfied with getting their website up and pay little or no Read More »

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Using a Prebuilt WordPress Theme vs a Custom WordPress Website

November 27, 2012 prebuilt-custom

If you want to create a WordPress website that includes pages, a blog, pictures and perhaps a small eCommerce store there are two options. The first option is to have a professional web design company build a custom WordPress website and second, use a prebuilt WordPress theme or template. Both options have their pros and cons which I will talk about in this article. The first question that comes in mind is why even use a professional web design company Read More »

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