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Are eCommerce Popups Worth It?

May 27, 2016

What is a Popup? If you’ve been using the internet for a while, there’s a good chance you already know what a popup is, but I’ll sum it up for those who may not know. A popup is a small window that literally “pops up” when you first land on a website. These popups could be asking you to sign up for a newsletter or redirect you to a sale. The majority of them are used to to capture email Read More »

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How to handle Magento maintenance on logs, caches, and indexes.

May 20, 2016 magento-maintenance-fi

There is a lot of confusion of how to run regular maintenance on logs, caches, and indexes in Magento. Most of it stems from applying maxims from the past to today.  In the past, server storage space was at a premium – and offsite storage required tape backups to handle the quantity of data.  Which also meant difficulty to access such data.  The modern maxim is “disk space is cheap”  – and it is! The other main issue is that Read More »

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Getting the most value from Magento Project discovery and planning

May 9, 2016 magento-project-discovery-fi

Every Magento project involves making hundreds of decisions. From web host to payment processor to advanced features and functionality, the earlier each decision is made, the better. The most efficient project discovery processes will have all major decisions clearly scoped, planned, documented, and agreed upon before beginning development. We’ve outlined some of our best advice for getting the most possible value out of this most important phase of your Magento project. Get to know Magento Perhaps the first part of Read More »

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April Newsletter 2016

April 28, 2016 sig-v-kount-newsletter-fi

During your online selling career, you or someone you know has had a chargeback from a fraudulent order. In this month's newsletter, we share with you a comparison between two modern fraud prevention platforms; Kount vs. Signifyd. Read More

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Kount vs Signifyd: Two popular Magento fraud prevention tools

April 28, 2016 featured-image-02

As consumers are increasingly using the internet to shop online, more and more merchants see fraudulent transactions and chargebacks. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done after an order that has been placed with a fraudulent credit card has left your warehouse. When the real credit card owner finds out their credit card has been compromised, they claim they did not authorize the purchase or  identity theft. In this case, the merchant hardly wins and ends up paying Read More »

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Magento Imagine 2016

April 22, 2016 Imagine-Info-2016-fi

Merchants, technology partners, solution partners, and members of the Magento team attended Imagine 2016 from April 5-8 2016 at the Wynn Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. The Shero team arrived from New York on Sunday morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. We were ready to embrace the Magento Community, see old friends and partners, and make some new ones. A couple of us had been to Imagine before, some of us had no idea what to expect. As the convention whizzed Read More »

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How to Set Up Discounts With Shopping Cart Price Rules in Magento

April 4, 2016 shopping-cart-rules-fi

Using Magento’s built in shopping cart price rules helps you increase the average order of sales using targeted promotions. Shopping cart price rules offers a large variety of promotional and sales scenarios that can suit what you are looking for to increase traffic to your online store. In this tutorial. we will show you several different scenarios that you can use to offer discounts to your customers. With Magento’s price rules, you can offer motivation to your customers to purchase Read More »

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March Newsletter 2016

March 31, 2016 march_newsletter_16-fi

How to solve the three most common challenges when configuring Analytics on a Magento website: tracking demographics, eCommerce statistics and conversion tracking utilizing goals. Read More

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How to Improve the Security of Your Magento Store

March 28, 2016 magento-security-fi

Is your Magento website secure? Magento has built in security features that keeps your website safe but there are more steps you can take to help secure your Magento store. Here are some of the best ways you can keep your Magento website secure and your customer’s information safe. Upgrade to the latest version of Magento There are several reasons why you should update your site to the latest version of Magento. Updating any software or application typically follows the Read More »

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Bergen Logistics – Magento Integration for Automated Shipments and Inventory Syncing

March 21, 2016 bergen-magento-fi

When you are managing a Magento eCommerce store, you will most likely run into issues regarding communicating orders to your warehouse and getting shipments out as quickly as possible. From the moment a customer starts their purchase, to the moment they receive their product, a streamlined system is critical.  While there are multiple reasons an order may not ship on time, one common cause is a manual versus automatic processing system in place. The more orders your store has, the Read More »

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