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Magento Features Spotlight : Wishlist & Compare

September 12, 2014

During initial consultations, many of our clients express confusion about two of Magento’s built in features, Wishlist and Compare. While they often appear together, Wishlist and Compare do different things and are utilized by different kinds of shoppers. In order to help clear up any confusion, I’m going to explain how these features can enhance your shoppers experience, so that you can utilize them to their fullest potential on your Magento website. The Wishlist is designed to allow your shoppers …

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How to Best Optimize Magento Products: Magento On-Page Product Optimization

September 4, 2014

One of the most overlooked parts of Magento SEO is on-page product optimization. Online retailers using Magento often neglect the aspect of optimizing each product, especially those that have 500 products or more. This problem arises when retailers use generic product descriptions and images provided by the manufacturer. Other times, online retailers are, lets accept it, lazy or don’t have the time or resources to invest into writing long product descriptions that are unique, relevant, and products that sell themselves. …

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